Can Coffee Make You Drunk?

September 23, 2016


The cup of coffee has a long history of waking us up in the morning and to sober you up after a few too many adult beverages but it's never really compared to alcohol in the same context of making you feel light-headed, talkative and acting silly.  Now science says it is possible that drinking a caffeinated beverage could lead to actions similar to alcoholic beverages.  Researchers at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) studied the DNA of around 3,000 coffee-drinkers and discovered that some had a variation of a gene called PDSS2.  This particular gene reduces the body's ability to break down caffeine, causing it to stay in their system for longer. Some people metabolize caffeine much faster than others, which causes faster metabolizers to react quicker and go through more severe side effects of increased heat beat and jitters, which can make you feel anxious, light-headed, hyper and dizzy - similar to what you may feel after drinking excessive alcohol.  Fortunately, slurred speech and poor decisions usually don't accompany fast caffeine processors as it can do with an alcoholic beverage. As for caffeine breakdown, it usually take 45 minutes for the average person to break it down, with smokers processing it faster and pregnant woman processing it slower.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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