Camping Tips For People Who Don't Camp

June 2, 2017

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Let’s face it, camping isn't for everyone, or is it?  Even those who prefer room service over starting a campfire can still have a great time in the great outdoors this summer with these tips on camping for non-campers. Start with your backpack (leave your suitcase at home) and remember you are packing for the campsite.  Select a good quality sleeping bag and padding.  Practice setting up your tent in your front yard so you are familiar with now it works.  Plus you may be able to get some help before you disconnect from society. Choose clothing that you can layer for cool and warmth and include some waterproof clothing such as a jacket, even if there is no rain in the forecast.  Sunscreen and bug sprays are a must.  Look for bug sprays with the highest level of DEET to keep biting insects far from you. Remember the great outdoors isn't Wi-Fi compatible, so if you totally rely on modern technology, such a GPS, consider a more traditional map to navigate to the campsite.  Finally, select a campsite with a good bathroom.  Although you're roughing it for the weekend, you still have calls of nature and a set of good facilities can make or break you outdoor adventure.  Review your campsite’s bathroom facilities and consider staying elsewhere if they get a thumbs-down. 

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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