Calorie Counts Mandatory On Food Menus

May 4, 2018

© Arne9001 - Dreamstime

: Starting Monday (May 7, 2018), you'll notice something different on the menu of your favorite restaurant, calorie counts. After nearly a decade of delays because of food industry lobbying against it, restaurant chains and other food outlets that have 20 or more locations, will have to post the calorie counts of the food they sell. Several major chains have already started doing this, places like Starbucks McDonald's and Panera, since the FDA had been expected to finalize the regulation years ago. But it isn't just restaurants, laces like grocery stores, movie theaters, amusement parks and even vending machines also must post the calorie count of the food items they sell. Although studies are unclear on whether calorie labeling on menus affects the food choices people make, the labeling is expected to both push the food industry and restaurants to adjust their products so they aren’t so high in calories, and change people's attitudes about nutrition, possibly getting them to cut some calories from their diets. Knowledge is power.


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