Butt-less Jeans Are Now A Thing

June 15, 2017

© Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime

Just when you thought fashion couldn't be any stranger with $425 pre-muddied jeans, rompers for men and see-through plastic jeans, there is now butt-less jeans for sale. 

From the Y Project, the same people who brought the world detachable leg jeans, offers the next generation of pants that free your rear of the confines of denim.  They feature an upper part front, which contains two front pickets, button fly, zipper and belt hoop. Holding the legs of the jeans are four suspenders anchored on the front.  They're like regular jeans just not covering the butt. However the $570 price tag is far from regular but with trendy projects like this, there is a greater chance of seeing guys walking around in lower-priced rompers than butt-less jeans!


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