Burn More Calories by Eating Spicy Foods

August 10, 2017

© Martin Šandera | Dreamstime

Trying to shed a few extra pounds can be so delicious!  Eating spicy foods can help you burn an extra 116 calories a day, says a new report. Researchers gave 40 men and women two-milligram capsules of capsaicinoids, the component that gives chili peppers their heat, or a placebo every day, and then measured their metabolic rate each hour for the following three hours. They discovered those given the capsaicinoids burned an extra 116 calories per day compared to the control group. It's believed the capsaicinoids have a thermogenic effect, meaning the body creates more heat as it digests it, leaving more calories burned. So pass the tums and eat to a better you!

SOURCE: Men's Health

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