Bumper Wild Blueberrry Crop Should Mean Lower Prices At Grocery Stores

September 21, 2016


Go bonkers for blueberries as this year's record-setting crop should bring the prices down to historic lows.  The Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine, the largest blueberry producing state in America, says even though the state has been gripped with a drought, farmers will most likely hit their five-year average of about 93 million pounds of wild blueberries, ironically partly to innovations in irrigation over the last few years to combat drought. Good news for consumers who can expect the large supply of fruit to cost less. However there is a catch, wild blueberries are not usually sold in the produce section of grocery stores, like the larger cultivated variety.  Wild blueberries usually end up frozen for freshness and are often seen in the frozen food section.


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