Bubbling Facial Mask Resembles Puffy Clouds On Your Face

May 25, 2017

© Showface | Dreamstime

Our obsession with clean pores fuels a big face cleansing market. So far this year we've seen the charcoal mask that appears to rip the skin off your face.  Now a kinder and gentler face masks that one user says, will turn your face into a puffy cloud!

A woman on Reddit posted pictures of her using a carbonated bubble clay mask that grows the moment you put it on your skin and continues to blossom and grow until you wash it off.  While not completely sold it's the best facial cleanser on the market, it defiantly is one of the more fun ones. 

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask sells for just under $11 online.


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