Bridge Used In Bridges of Madison County Burned Down

April 17, 2017

© Berniedheere | Dreamstime

The Robert James Walker novel that was turned into one of the biggest movies of 1995, The Bridges Of Madison County will always draw memories of Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep but the Cedar Bridge, the one used on the book cover, is no more.  Authorities in Madison, County Iowa are investigating a fire that destroyed the iconic bridge early Saturday morning.  Arson is suspected as Madison County Sheriff Jason Barnes said there was no electricity or light source at the bridge and no severe weather or lightning in the area.  The Cedar Bridge in Madison County was built in 1883 and was one of the five covered bridges that were incorporated into Iowa native, Robert James Walker’s romantic novel. The bridge burned in 2002 as arson was also suspected but no arrests were made.  The bridge re-opened after a reconstruction cost of $1 million.  It is not clear if the bridge will be rebuilt after this latest fire.

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