Brewery Creates PEEPS Beer In Time For Easter

March 30, 2018

Easter is Sunday and love them or not, PEEPS are part of the Easter basket delivered by the Easter bunny!  Over eh past years the sweet, sugary marshmallow candies have morphed into different flavors such as Red Velvet, Sugar Plum and even Pumpkin Spice.  Now a beer company has been handed the PEEPS flavor baton in creating PEEPS flavored beer.  Collective Brewing Project in Dallas, Texas has added some PEEP sweetness to their sour ale brewing process to create a purple-blue beer that has glitter added after the brewing process.  The taste is supposedly “marshmallow-y” and “lightly tart.”  If you'd like to sample PEEPS beer, you'd better cash in your miles and get to Dallas as it is only available there through this weekend.

SOURCE: GrubStreet

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