The Brady Bunch House Is For Sale

July 20, 2018


Here's the story, of a lovely house, that's part of American culture history! The iconic Brady Bunch house is for sale!  According to a real estate listing, the house at 11222 Dilling Street in California's Studio City, is on the market for the first time since it was used in exterior shots for the Brady Bunch TV series that aired from 1969 to 1974. The description of the house sums it all up, "a perfect postcard of American '70s style and its special culture." Ironically the house has two bedrooms and three bathrooms rather than the four bedroom two bathroom house portrayed on TV.  It also is only one story instead of the two story home in the series. The children of the f the couple who owned the home before their deaths will give preference to a buyer who plans to keep it intact rather than tearing it down to build something bigger. The asking price is just shy of $1.9 million.

SOURCE: Newser

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