A Bra Designed For Breast Cancer Survivors

August 3, 2017

© Otnaydur | Dreamstime

One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which is a lot but the good news is the list of survivors is growing thanks to early detections and treatment.  For many survivors that means the removal of breast tissue and the problem of a bra that is sensitive to a mastectomy.  That's the inspiration for Empower Bra, a bra, especially for women who had had surgery on their breasts. Made of material that is specifically designed for sensitive scar tissue, the Empower Bra will have a zip-front closure, movable straps to so that you can change the fit and special pockets that expand and adjust to make room for post-surgery implants. Athleta, the company that created it said undergarments for breast cancer survivors was under-served and many women struggle to find the right bra after surgery. The Empower bra will be available to buy starting in September and sell for $54 at Athleta, with 12% of the price donated to Recovery on Water, a Chicago-based rowing club for breast cancer survivors. 12% of US women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

SOURCE: Well & Good

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