Boy Sells Lemonade For Three Years To Save Money For A Pony

October 17, 2016

© Nicole Ciscato | Dreamstime

A life lesson for us all thanks to a 7 year old Australian boy named Sabastain Lucas. Sabastain wanted to buy a pony however ponies are not cheap. Bu so determined to own a pony, Sabastain began to sell lemonade in front of his family's home to raise the funds needed to buy his new pet.  So every day Sabastain would make a batch of lemon and sugar water and sell it for $.30 a cup.  It was good stuff as he would sell out.  But rather than spend his earnings on an impulse buy, Sabastain saved every penny.  After 3 years, he had earned nearly $3,000, which was just enough to buy a 13-year-old schoolmaster pony, which he calls Tom.  There was even enough left over for riding lessons.  However Sabastain needs a new saddle and wants to ensure Tom has proper medical care, so Sabastain is back to selling his lemonade for $.30 a cup!


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