Bond With Your Teen By Doing This One Thing

April 30, 2018

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It can be a challenge to communicate with your teen.  Truly connecting with the teen(s) in your life may sound like an impossible miracle on par with winning the lottery but doing this one simple thing can build an unbreakable bond, listen. "Listen" means listen. Not just stop talking or interrupting or jumping to conclusions.  Simply reach down into your brain, shut your thoughts down, and focus 100% on what our teen is saying. This meets a super-basic need for the human animal, which is to feel recognized. To feel valued. While it may be considered good parenting having all the right answers, sometime you get so pre-occupied in your mind trying to read between the lines or find a solution to the problem, you miss out what your teen is trying to communicate to you. While trying to coach, you end up controlling the conversation which leads to teen frustration and a generally shut down of the communication lines. So chance your communication strategy away from code breaking or offering solutions to problems and instead listen more than speak and ask questions instead of offering advice and generally let them solve the issue on their own.

SOURCE: She Knows

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