Bomb Threat Phoned In To Stop Urine Screen

September 15, 2016
police lights

Calling in a bomb threat to stop a man's urine test is not a good idea, unless you live in Florida, where 31-year-old Deniz Martinez of Winter Haven was blinded by love.  Tuesday morning her boyfriend, 38-year old Jason Drake was summoned for a urine screen as part of his probation.  Unable to provide a sample, he was required to stay at the probation office until he submitted a sufficient sample.  It wasn't clear who came up with the idea but while Drake was waiting to make water, Martinez allegedly called 911, saying a man outside the probation office was going to "blow the building up."  After it was determined there was no bomb, 911 call records were able to trace the call from Drake's cell phone, which was in the possession of Martinez, who confessed in making the call. She was charged with making a false report about a bomb, which is a felony and Drake was arrested accused of a probation violation.


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