Make Sure Your Not Backfiring With Your Body Language

July 20, 2018

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You wouldn't think your body language is keeping you from a promotion or bonus but body language experts say those nonverbal cues are sabotaging your success! Experts say we’re often completely unaware of a whole host of body language faux pas we’re committing in the workplace. So it's time to bring them to your attention. For instance, your bad posture. It’s easy to lapse into less-than-perfect posture after long hours at your desk, but slouching conveys you’re a slob or not as competent as those who sit upright and straight. Fidgeting too much is a distraction and you want to do things that entice, not distract. Instead of channeling your energy away from foot-tapping, nose-rubbing or thumb-twirling, focusing instead on making eye contact, tilting your head and keeping your hands visible. These small tweaks to your demeanor will make you look more attentive. If you are squinting to see the characters on the computer, you need glasses.  Your vanity is not only causing distress to yourself, it is can come across as frustration or anger when you look up from your device. While holding a tense expression on your face when deep in concentration, make sure to smile when a co-worker needs your attention. Be careful not to be too casual.  Although many offices allow you to dress down on Fridays, wearing your PJs or yoga pants is inappropriate no matter how casual your office culture is. Be sure to respect personal space and not stand to sit too closely. Not only does standing too close to people make them uncomfortable, he says, but it also diminishes your ability to make a good impression or convey your point. Finally don't cross your arms when speaking or being spoken to.  Instead make sure your body is oriented toward the person you’re interacting with. For example, don’t have your face turned toward a coworker while the rest of your body is aligned with the exit and make sure to make eye contact.


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