Blogger Figures Out How To Clean A Beauty Blender

March 30, 2018

© Sophie Davis | Dreamstime

An egg-shaped makeup song has been a huge hit at makeup counters.  Its unique structure that makes it so porous is why so many women use it to smooth out makeup lines.  But the same porous properties that make blending so easy also make it a nightmare to clean.  But a law school student's video tweet has the world rejoicing as she showed how to clean a beauty blender with a cup of water and a microwave.  Put your sponge into a cup of soapy water, microwave it for one minute, and it’ll come out clean. You can put the sponge back in the microwave for one minute to dry it out. Just be careful not to burn your fingers or hand as the murky water will be hot!  One last piece of advice from the Beauty Blender Blogger, she suggests you throw the blender out and get a new one at least every three months.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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