Blame Your DNA For Not Being A Morning Person

October 31, 2017

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime

Already hit the snooze button three times? Perhaps it takes a few cups of coffee for you to get going.  Odds are you are not a morning person but it's not your fault.  It's in your DNA.  A recent study found that each person has a unique chronotype, which is a preferred sleep schedule and sadly, we have no control over. Scientist were able to conclude that even with the proper hours of sleep, some people just wake up later than others and are better prepared to begin work at different times.  So while you may desperately want to be a morning person because of certain career aspirations or social obligations, science says it’s probably best not to fight your unique circadian rhythm.  While the business world may assume the earlier we wake up the more productive day we will have, science says that is simply not true.  The head researcher suggests that businesses should consider letting certain employees follow a later schedule that will let them work more efficiently based on their sleep patterns.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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