Black Label Bacon Thinks Beggin' Strips Confuse Customers

May 31, 2017

Although dogs may not know the difference, most shoppers are able to tell the difference between bacon strips for humans, which are sold in the refrigerated section of the store and dog treats, sold in the pet food aisle, that are called "Beggin' Strips."  But what if the Beggin' Strips bag added the words "Black Label" to the packaging? 

Well that's too close to Hormel's Black Label bacon, which is confusing customers, say a spokesperson for the company as they launch a lawsuit against Nestle Purina, the makers of Beggin' Strips. In papers filed in Federal court last week, Hormel accuses Purina of trademark infringement and false designation for using the “black label” description to advertise a new line of dog treats. “By using BLACK LABEL in connection with its bacon-shaped, ‘real meat’ dog treats without Hormel Foods’s authorization, [Purina> is causing consumer confusion, mistake or deception, and is willfully and intentionally trading upon the goodwill in the BLACK LABEL mark that Hormel Foods has developed at its considerable expense and effort.” Hormel further claims that Purina has purchased keyword search advertising for the terms “black label bacon.” When a customer searches the terms sponsored online advertisements for Purina’s black label bacon-shaped dog treats are triggered.

SOURCE: The Consumerist

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