Birth Order Is A Big Factor In Career Choices

April 12, 2017

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

Monday (4/10/2017) we celebrated National Siblings Day and with all the brotherly and sisterly love, a new study suggests our career is determined by our birth order. A team of statisticians looked at a random sample of over 500 of the most successful individuals from 11 different career groups to identify statistically significant patterns. They found that the middle child is 30% more likely to become a CEO and 41% more likely to be an Olympic ahtlete.  Also ranking hihg more middle kid careers are politician, with 52% of American Presidents bei9ng the middle child.  Eldest kids are 29% more likely to become a Astronaut and lean higher chances of becoming a scientist, engineer, musician and TV reality star.  The youngest child is 50% more likely to beome a music composer or explorer. In families where there are four to six siblings, the eldest children had a 76% higher tendency to choose an investigative career.  An only child was found to be 181% more likely to pursue a career as an artist – thanks to perfectionist and mature personality traits. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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