Birdnesting Trend For Divorced Families

April 24, 2018

There are challenges, trends and fads galore, which seem to come more frequently thanks to the Internet.  The trend even extends to divorce where more couples are birdnesting the custody of their children.  The concept is simple, instead of the children moving between both parents’ homes in order to spend time with them, birdnesting involves having one home for the children, which the parents take turns living in to give the kids more stability. It is a concept similar to the Netflix show, Splitting Up, where a divorced couple takes turns living in the main house while the other lives in the garage. While not quite the same a birdnesting, it does have its pros. So instead of the kids packing up to visit mom or dad over the weekend, mom or dad moves into the house used by the kids and other divorcee vacates. The children can enjoy staying near their school, not having to leave at the weekend and spending time with friends if they wish. Of courses there is a lot of communication and compromise for the parents.  The unique living set-up would require strict rules regarding who will do the chores, pay the bills, take and collect the children from school and deciding who will stay during which days of the week. It’s also worth noting that birdnesting is a concept that assumes both parties are able to afford their own place as well as the shared home for the children. Which is pretty rare in costly break-ups.

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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