The Biological Clock Ticks For A Man Too

July 5, 2017

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The tick-tock of the biological clock isn't heard just by women, apparently a man's chances of being father drops as he gets older too!  Medical records from 19,000 in-vitro fertilization cycles in 7,753 couples for over four years found the younger the man was on average, the better the woman's chances of successful birth. For example, women under 30 had a 73% success rate with IVF if their partners were between 30 and 35. As the male age group increased between 40 and 42, the success rate dropped to 46%. Conversely, women 35 to 40 years old whose partners were between 30 and 35, there was a 54% chance of live birth, which rose to 70% success rate in men under 30.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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