The Biggest Break Up Day Of The Season Is This Sunday

December 9, 2016


This Sunday many couples will be on edge as the day of reckoning is upon us. According to statisticians, December 11th is the day you are most likely to be dumped. The number-crunchers took a look at Facebook and other social media platforms for updates of those being dumped or the one doing to dumping and found two weeks before Christmas break up peak.  Could it be a coincidence that the big break up day is almost a month after November 18th, known as unfaithful Friday, where a 72% spike in extra relationship affairs are acted upon?  Perhaps but a more likely explanation is the added stress of the holidays causes couples to quit.  Or maybe it's because you will finally have to present your significant other to your disapproving family? Or perhaps it's a miserly lovers wanting to shop for one less gift?  In any case at least those who end a relationship aren't completely cold-hearted.  Christmas Day shows the least number of couple breakup message for the entire year on social media.  Although December 11th is a big break up day, it isn't in the break up season.  Early to mid-March holds the largest number of coupes calling it quits. 

SOURCE: Information Is Beautiful & CBS Detroit

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