Big Wi-Fi Security Flaw Discovered

October 17, 2017

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Quite possibly the world’s largest security flaw have been discovered and it affects every single device that uses a Wi-Fi connection.  The so-called "Krack Attack" involves those encrypted messages that devices send each other to authenticate when they connect to Wi-Fi. In short, researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium proved that someone can manipulate those connections, abuse the vulnerability, and gain access to communications that are supposed to be secure including any personal information.  Basically, any data you can send, hackers can access and even add extra data onto your device that should not be there like ransomware or other malware. Although the security flaw is bad news as there currently is no way to protect your Wi-Fi connection, the good news is a security patch can correct the flaw. Device manufacturers were all notified about the flaw before it was made public, and are working on updates to fix this particular danger. First, make sure you are running WPA2 security protocol, which is more secure than a WEP and WPA settings but all are vulnerable until a patch is created.  As for a patch, it will arrive as a software update. Make sure you don't ignore software updates when prompted to install them.

SOURCE: University of Leuven

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