Big Mouth Billy Bass Set To Get Into A Relationship With Amazon's Alexa

September 29, 2017

© Zweizug | Dreamstime

Last week we told you of a restaurant chain that is adopting unwanted Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty toys from the early 2000s.  However we found out there were a lot of people who still have their Big Mouth Billy Bass and have no intention of giving them up for adoption.  So for those who still with your Billy Bass, you're going to love this news. Big Mouth Billy Bass will soon be compatible with Amazon's Alexa assistant.  Amazon has developed a Big Mouth Billy Bass skill that will pair with an updated Billy Bass via Bluetooth.  So not only will Alexa's voice come through Billy's big mouth, the bass will be able to lip-sync and dance to whatever music Alexa plays.  The announcement from Amazon this week foreshadows that an updates Big Mouth Billy Bass is set to hit store shelves, we suppose, in time for Christmas!

SOURCE: Business Insider

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