Bicycle Company Disguises Shipping Boxes As TV's To Avoid Damage

September 27, 2016


A Dutch bicycle company may have found perfect way to protect boxed items from being damaged by shipping companies, instead of writing fragile and do not drop on packages, they are marking their shipping boxes with a picture of a flat screen TV.  VanMoof's business model is to sell 90% of its bicycles online by 2020, saving them money and offering worldwide service of their product.  But they were noticing a problem, customers were complaining and returning their bikes because they were damaged and mangled during shipping, especially to the United States.  VanMoof co-founder Taco Carlier said the company assembled a team to try and figure out how to keep couriers from damaging their products during shipping and delivery.  Somehow it came up in discussion that their boxes were about the same size as large flat screen TV’s, so they included a picture of a TV on the box.  To everyone's surprise, the company saw an 80% decreased in damaged boxes to the United States, so the disguise was adopted for all of their shipments.  While VanMoof had initially hoped to keep the solution a secret, it announced it publicly in a Facebook post after it was leaked on Twitter.

SOURCE: Independent

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