Beware Of The Black Dot Of Death That May Pop Up In Your Message App

May 11, 2018

We all know the peril of your computer's blue screen of death that usually indicates your CPU has gone to that big hard drive in the sky.  The smart phone equivalent is being dubbed the black dot of death and it arrives through a text message.  A bug discovered in Apple's Messages app can paralyze your iPhone or iPad and the older the software and model, the more quickly it affects it. A mischievous person follows a series of instructions to send a message containing the peculiar black dot emoji, which hides a string of thousands of invisible Unicode characters. Every time you try to open the message, it floods your phone's CPU, causing the Message app to crash repeatedly. Force-quitting the Messages app or restarting your phone won't help, either, as it will just continue to load the malicious text. The 'black dot of death' is very similar to a 'text bomb' crippling devices via WhatsApp. The good news is it is fixable.  The easiest way is to detect it early.  The prankster has to send two black dot messages in order for it to work, so quickly delete any text received with a black dot before the second text is received. However if the sender is quick and you’re not able to catch it before the second message is received, you will need force close your text message app by double clicking the home button and swiping up on your indexed message screen.  Then you re-open your message app by using the 3D touch.  That's there you firmly press on the message icon on your Apple device until a pop up menu appears. Simply select "New Message" and it ends the chaos. You can also delete the message if your phone is synced with the iCloud.  Simply access your device through the cloud and delete the malicious message there. Apple and Google are working on a fix in an upcoming software update.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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