The Better Way To Melt Cheese On A Burger

August 8, 2017

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With Labor Day just 27 days away, we have some time to correct our grilling habits and make a cheeseburger the correct ways, says a Master Chef.  Generally once the burger is grilled to perfection, we add a slice of cheese atop of the burger and let the heat of the grill do the work.  However most of that cheesy goodness ends up charred on the grill, leaving only a thin layer of cheese. Then there are condiments, which we place on top of the burger and cheese.  Apparently that is wrong too as the wetness of the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle cause the surface of the cheese to become slick as black ice in winter; leaving your burger falling apart and staining your shirt.  So what is the correct way?  Place your cheese on the top half of the bun.  Once the burger is ready, take it off the grill and lay it on top of the cheese and top half of the bun.  The heat of the burger will slowly melt the cheese and will be absorbed by the top half of the bun.  as for the condiments, they go on the bottom of the bun, so that your cheese burger sits on top of the veggies.  There will be uniform cheese thickness across the entire burger and it won't slip apart while you eat it.

SOURCE: Deadspin

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