For Better Sleep, Install A Red Light Bulb In Your Bathroom

February 21, 2018

© Hayati Kayhan | Dreamstime

Getting 8 hours of sleep nightly may seem like a luxury but it's what is recommended for adults.  The reality is about 70% of adults are sleeping less than 7 hours a night.  So this precious time needs to be maximized and it may be a simple as installing a red light bulb in your bathroom.  Using a red light can make it easier to fall back to sleep after any nocturnal bathroom breaks. Bathroom lighting is generally bright and even just a few minutes of bright light at night can be enough to stimulate cells in the back of the eye that stop melatonin release, which begins the wake up process. However red light doesn’t stimulate these cells so you’re more likely to fall asleep quickly when you return to bed.