An Better Calculator To Price Your Airbnb To Maximize Profit

August 11, 2017

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What Uber did for travel, Airbnb has done for lodging.  Now anyone can rent out their rooms and homes for some extra cash.  But the competition for extra cash means there is a lot of competition and renters will generally use price as the determining factor between properties.  Airbnb has a price estimator at the web site which is the holy grail of pricing.  However the estimate is pretty vague and leaves you guessing how to adjust the price to be competitive.  Fortunately there is a better calculator that recently debuted that was created by a bunch of people who love to collect data.  Eliot and me dot com takes into account more specific details that the Airbnb tool misses, such as the number of bedrooms, bathroom and gives a variable pricing structure based on specific times of the year. While Airbnb estimates a price of $260 to rent an entire house per person per night in the Gainesville and Ocala area, Eliot and me suggest and more competitive $168 per person per night. But it gets better!  The web site suggest increasing that price to $272 in the month of October as the Gator football season is in swing. Even better still is it gives you specific dates of events when you should increase or decrease your rates.  So when the Seminoles comes to Gainesville in November, you should be asking top dollar (and they give you a suggestion). It also shows the rates of other Airbnb properties around your area so you can keep an eye on the competition. To make it easier, the web site can email you when prices fluctuate so that you are always able to stay booked and keep the cash flowing in. Give it a try!  CLICK HERE for Eliot and Me.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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