Better Bonding with Puppies By Using A Higher Voice Pitch

January 12, 2017

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

Is almost unavoidable.  You see a pet and without question we raise our voices to a higher pitch when talking to them.  Although dogs and cats do not understand the words we say, research over the last two decades shows dogs really can understand human communication in ways no other species can. A new study takes it a step further in stating it si the best way to train a puppy. When we talk to dogs, we use what is called "dog-directed speech." This means we change the structure of our sentences, shortening and simplifying them. We also tend to speak with a higher pitch in our voices. The higher pitch really does help the animals to pay attention more. The study used picture of puppies and adult dogs and analyzed the volunteer's speech pattern.  Not only did the volunteer's speak in a higher pitch, it really didn't matter of the age of the dog.  But when those recordings were played back to puppies and dogs, puppies responded better than adult dogs.


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