The Best Way To Live Healthy Based On Your Sleep Pattern

January 11, 2017

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How did you sleep last night?  It's a questions we usually associate with someone selling a mattress to you.  But besides a fresh mattress, the type of sleeper you are should not only influence your sleep but your overall health and productivity.  That's the word from a psychiatrist and sleep specialist who has developed a quiz that matches your chronotype with an animal of the wild; a bear, dolphin, lion and wolf.  Dr. Michael Brues says your biological rhythm, or internal clock, is in charge of when you should sleep, exercise, eat and work. Half of the population would be classified as a bear, who mimics the solar pattern of being active during the day and restful at night, getting seven to eight hours a sleep at night.  Like a bear, it takes you a few hours to feel fully awake in the morning, and you're likely hungry when you wake up. Human bears will eat and snack throughout the day and not particularly good about exercise. Given this information, bears should wake up around 7 am, take a few hours for themselves before heading to work, exercise in the evening before dinner, and hit the hay around 11 pm. Lions wake up bright-eyed at dawn or earlier and are ready to go. Generally lions are more productive in the morning and start to feel tired by late afternoon. Lions are often successful in business and school due to their analytical minds and aversion to risks. Lions should exercise early evening before dinner and tend to fall asleep easily around 10:30. Wolves are night owls who usually stay up late; not feeling tired until midnight or later and have difficulty waking up before 9 am. They're not hungry when they wake up, but they're ravenous after dark and usually pick high-fat, high-sugar foods. A wolf is generally a risk-taker who are intuitive, emotional and creative people often employed in the fields of art, medicine or technology. Wolves should set two alarms in the morning, finish their workday by 6 pm and head to the gym, and have a late dinner. Dolphins are those who tend to sleep lightly and are easily awakened by light or noise and wake up multiple times a night. They're perpetually tired. Dolphins tend to be anxious, nervous worriers who are highly intelligent and have perfectionist tendencies. Those obsessive tendencies work well in regard to their health, as dolphins like to exercise. Like lions, dolphins need an early, healthy breakfast. Dolphins should focus on relaxing exercise such as meditation or yoga after work and before dinner, with a bedtime before midnight.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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