The Best Time To Book A Hotel At The Lowest Rate

April 27, 2018

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By now you're think of where to go this summer to relax and have fun. Trip expenses can add up quickly and while conventional wisdom suggests you book your hotel room with your airline tickets, you can save a bit more money by delaying your hotel booking.  Many experts say that the lowest airfare prices are generally reached 70 days before your flight, TripAdvisor took a look at hotel bookings across 10 of America's most popular summer 2018 destinations and found that your biggest hotel savings are made when you make your reservation exactly one month ahead of your trip. In popular cities like New York City and Las Vegas, they found that booking a month ahead can even score you savings of up to 40%! If you are visiting a big city, search our business hotels (ones in the business districts) as they generally have less demand during the summer and weekend, so you can save a little money there.  Ask for a corner room. You generally get a little more space for the same price. Sign up for alerts about price drops, such as Pruvo. And if you are looking for an upgrade, the later you check in the better chance the room you paid for is no longer available.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure & Business Insider

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