Best Practices For Effecting Dusting

May 1, 2018

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

In your housecleaning routine, it would seem that dusting is futile.  Dust and pet hair seem to resume their spots on surfaces, picture frames and lamp shades within seconds of cleaning them. Come to finds out, we may be using the wrong tools to dust. First, the feather duster may be the traditional means to dust but it actually is the worst tool for dusting as it simply fluffs dust into the air and therefore settling right back where you cleaned.  Even using a cloth rag or paper towels are ineffective as well.  Instead, use a electrostatic or microfiber duster. As you work your way around your home, the dust will cling to your duster, removing it from your breathing zone and from your home's surfaces with as little redepositing as possible. Then there's eh dusting order, which should be from top to bottom.  Dust ceiling fans and overhead light fixtures before table lamps and side tables. And here's another key: Go around the house dusting everything on one level first. Start with all the ceiling fans in the house. Then move down to the top few shelves of bookshelves, again, around the whole house. Moving around your entire house in this way, rather than dusting in sections (say, the entire bookshelf) or by room, gives the dust you've stirred up a bit of time to settle so that you can swipe it up with your next "lower level" of dusting. Finish off your dusting session with a thorough vacuuming of your floors.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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