Best Places To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff Beyond A Yard Sale

October 17, 2017

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Inevitability you'll come to a point when it's time to say goodbye to some of your stuff. The default way to rid your home of unwanted items that are worth money is to host a yard sale.  But this is 2017 and there are better ways to sell your stuff that not only saves you time but maximizes your financial gain.  It all depends on what you are selling. While there are many apps designed to help you sell used clothing, eBay and local consignment shops seem to be the best way to go. Generally you pay a fee of $5 to $20 to sell items in a consignment shop with some also taking a percentage of the sale price.  eBay charges up to 10% of the selling price and some fees (here is a nifty eBay fee calculator) but the tradeoff is more people see your items for sale, which should command a higher price. As for electronics like TVs, phones and computers, Amazon and Swappa are your best bet.  Amazon's Seller Central charges a flat fee of $.99 per item sold plus various fees and shipping (here is a nifty Amazon fee calculator).  Depending on the items, Swappa may be a thriftier option.  Swappa charges a flat fee if your electronic item sells (and no fee if the selling price is under $50). The device has to be approved by the Swappa staff, who make sure it’s clean and sellable. Unloading books can be a breeze with BookScouter.  In this system, you input the title of the book and BookScouter searches their database of book buyback sites to see which one will pay you the most money. Pick the vendor you want to sell to, and BookScouter takes you to that vendor’s website. Most vendors will give you a prepaid shipping label to ship the book, and BookScouter doesn’t take any fees from you. As for furniture, Craigslist is still the best with most local people looking to buy furniture turn to first.  Plus there are no fees charged.  However be safe and consider a mutual meeting place, like police/sheriff safe zones, to sell the item and only accept cash.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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