The Best And Worst Retail Stores For Returns

December 18, 2017

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Of course it's the thought that counts but there’s a good chance you'll be returning one of your gifts currently under the tree.  A survey of holiday shoppers found that almost two-thirds of people said they made at least one return the past holiday season. However each store has its own policies on returns with some being super easy and others incredibly difficult. Consumer Reports did some returns and put together the stores with the easiest return policies.  They include Nordstrom (no return policy so each is handled on a case-by-case basis), L.L. Bean (exchange or return an item years after purchasing it, even if it’s well-used), Bed Bath & Beyond (no time limit but without receipt you get refunded the current price minus 20%), JCPenney (except for appliances, furniture, fine jewelry, and electronics. Formal dresses and electronics require original tags or packaging), Lands End (return it anytime for a refund or exchange) and Kohls (over 12 months corporate issues refund); all of which don't require a receipt.  Most stores will give you store credit for your return with a few even giving you cash back.  On the flip side stores with tougher return policies include Forever 21 (30 days unless bough after 11/13 then returns accepted through 1/7/18), Kmart (30 days with receipt-no cash refund), Sears (15% re-stock fee), Barnes & Noble (60 days with gift receipt-no cash), GameStop (30 days & 7 days for pre-owned games-no cash), Best Buy (15% re-stocking fee).  if you end up getting a gift you want to return it's best to not open the box and keep the tags on, bring your ID as many stores use computerized return-authorization systems to detect abuse and do so as quickly as possible.  Most holiday return deadlines end in January. 

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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