The Benefits Of Swearing

June 7, 2018

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We're taught that profanity is bad, but is it?  Researchers have found that if you're fluent at cursing, you are likely to have a strong vocabulary as well. Using salty language also has other positive benefits. Swearing is cathartic. Swearing gives us a way to express our emotions and to vent and communicates very effectively, almost immediately, our feelings. Swearing increases your tolerance of pain. While experiments found those who repeated a curse word were able to tolerate pain for a longer period that those who said a neutral word, habitual potty-mouths didn't see their pain tolerance increase. Swearing makes you seem more honest. Researchers evaluated the trustworthiness of people and found those who swore tended to lie less. The data also suggested that "people regard profanity more as a tool for the expression of their genuine emotions, rather than being antisocial and harmful. For all the benefits of using salty words, remember there are social situations where the risks of bad language outweigh the benefits.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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