Belly Button Surgeries Are Growing In Popularity

February 22, 2018

© Lyoshanazarenko | Dreamstime

There isn't any part of your body that you can't have modified to suit your tastes.  Plastic surgeons say the demand for an umbilicoplasty, or belly button surgery has doubled in recent years with a 12% increase from last year!  The ideal belly button is an oval that's vertically-oriented and centered because it makes the torso look longer and the abs leaner. While many seek to correct their button from an "outie" to an "innie," with many seeking as the perfect belly button of a conclave navel that's slightly hooded similar to the one Victoria Secret model Erin Heartherton. Belly buttons of Emily Ratajkowski and Jessica Simpson are also requested often. An umbilicoplasty will typically take up to 30 to 40 minutes and patients often feel little to no pain afterward and any incisions are usually able to be hidden.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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