Being Lazy Benefits The Environment

February 5, 2018

© Tracy King | Dreamstime

FINALLY! Some good news about being lazy (well not completely lazy but some good news anyways)! A new study finds that as technology allows people to spend more time at home, it's reducing American energy usage. Researchers examined data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2003 and 2012.  They found that people spent more time at home and less time traveling to and from stores and work. In 2012 we spent a total of 7.8 more days at home than in 2003 and 1.2 fewer days traveling. Less traveling means less burning of fossil fuels in your car and less energy usage in big office buildings also contributed good news to the environment. However spending more time at home instead of work is developing new dilemmas.  The massive upsurge in people getting groceries, office supplies, home goods, clothing, and just about anything else delivered to their homes has led to an increase in freight traffic and the use of fossil fuels.  Tem will tell if the tradeoff is better or worse but perhaps the delivery drone concept will gain more momentum.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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