Being Friends With Your Ex Online Isn't The Best Idea

February 15, 2017


Keeping in touch with your ex online is not the best practice. Whether it be stalking or remaining "friends", they tend to end up hurting you and is sabotaging your new relationship. That's the word of researchers who say “boundary crossing”, which is keeping lines of communication open with a previous fling or someone a person finds attractive, tend to have more problems in their current relationship. Over time, that communication can lead your current sweetie feeling that you are spending too much time with them and obsessing with your ex. That leads the mind to wonder if you are re-kindling the flame>  The researchers say to avoid the issue couples should talk about boundaries and guidelines as far as staying in touch with exes.  However the best advice if you are serious about your relationship, is to cut off those ties.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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