Being Extra-Nice At Work Can Make You Much Happier

August 3, 2017

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Your parents nailed it, to have a happy life treat people the way you want to be treated, even that annoying co-worker.  Although sitting next to them day after day can wear you down, a new study found that being nice to your co-workers — not just tolerating them, but actively working to make their day more pleasant can make things better for you, too. The study followed workers who filled out weekly surveys on their happiness levels, noting in each one how often they had been on the receiving end of nice and not-so-nice gestures.  A small group of survey-takers were told to be extra-nice to their colleagues.  That was key because those rules to be extra-nice created a snowball effect. The workers on the receiving end then turned around and did something nice for another one of their colleagues, going out of their way to show goodwill three times as often as employees in the control group, who hadn't been the beneficiary of any planned acts of kindness. So rather than putting on your headphones to ignore your annoying neighbor, treat them to lunch one day.  It may make both of your lives at work more bearable.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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