Beets May Be The Quick Energy Boost Food You Need

November 14, 2016

© Mona Makela | Dreamstime

When you think of foods that boost your energy, beets rarely makes the list.  A new study might change those results in the future as the purple vegetable was found to increase sprint times in runners by 2%.  Although that isn't much of an advantage, it may be a great assistance for people who need a quick burst of energy, such as walking up stairs. The key to beetroot’s quick energy boost effect is nitrates, which increase the energy available to muscle cells. Beet juice might be just what you need for that quick boost of energy for your Zumba class. Beetroot is not the only vegetable with high nitrate content. Spinach and kale, rocket and other green leafy vegetables are also rich in nitrates and would also work just as well.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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