Beaver Uses Man's Lost Leg As Part Of Its Dam

August 10, 2016

Elliot Fuller and Jason Franklin were out enjoying a lazy summer day canoeing down a creek in Wisconsin last weekend when they came across a strange sight.  In what looked like a human leg was sticking out of a beaver dam.  Upon closer inspection the two men realized it was indeed a leg, a prosthetic leg that apparently a beaver had used to build its dam.  The two men pulled the leg out of the dam and attempted to locate its owner.  Sure enough, after cruising Craigslist they discovered that 49 year old Mark Warner had posted that he lost his prosthetic leg.  The two men reunited the fake leg with its owner, who said he lost it on a fishing trip when his canoe flipped over. He managed to get his fishing gear and cooler, but the prosthetic leg got away from him. No worries though as Warner said it wasn't his main leg and it was an older one he used on fishing trips. The two men received a $50 reward for returning the lost limb.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

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