Beauty Doesn't Always Mean Success

February 22, 2017

© Alon Othnay | Dreamstime

Although Hollywood would have you think money and good looks go hand-in-hand, the reality is you can't have your cake and eat it too.  wo different research projects took at look at pay stubs of over 20,000 people though 13 years and have found those considered "very unattractive" earn significantly more money than those considered "unattractive" and sometimes more than people rated as average-looking or attractive. The studies contradict the idea that good-looking men and women make more money than those with regular looks. In fact, the studies suggest an "ugliness premium" for those many would consider ugly. A theory is those who feel unattractive might serve as motivation to work harder in developing other skills to create an advantage for those blessed with looks. The study's authors hope that their work will change the way people think about the importance of looks at work.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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