Bearded Mermen Calendar Created For A Good Cause

November 21, 2017

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We all know of mermaids, a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. But you may have not known of a Merb’y, which much like a mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature, with the exception that the head and upper body is that of a bearded man. The men in the calendar are members of the Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Mustache Club and they recently did a photoshoot on eastern Canadian beaches to create a 2018 calendar that will raise money for a therapeutic recreation horse farm.  Merb’y is a combination of “mermaid” and "b'y", which is slang in Newfoundland for "buddy." Organizers were surprised in the response of models for the calendar with 80 auditioning and 30 being selected who not only posed no beaches but in pubs, pumpkin patches and fishing docks. Men of all shapes and sizes with two things in common, a fish tail and a face covered in a beard! Take a look at the 2018 Merb’y calendar online, which will entice you with some photos and allow some time for shipping.

Nothing fishy about this! Just some thirsty MerB'ys enjoying a pint or three at Erin's Pub, one of the very generous sponsors of the 2018 MerB'ys calendar! . Calendar sales to support @spirithorsenl . Take all the MerB'ys home with you by pre-ordering your very own calendar, order link in bio! . Photo Credit: Dan Smith Photography . MerModels: Robert Andrews, Mike Crane, Daniel Thunderhorse, Brian Bradley, Mike Peddle, Nikola Lebel, Alex Wilkie, Daniel Barnes . Special thanks to @Guinness for being so delicious and just for being you. . . #yyt #nl #beards #beard #beer #mermen #merbys2018

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Help find a forever home for one of these MerB'ys, by ordering your very own 2018 MerBy's calendar now! . Order now! Link in bio :) . All to support local non-profit @spirithorsenl . Photo credit to @ritche.perez . . #yyt #nl #beards #bearded #merbys2018

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Of all the Mermen of the world, the Newfoundland ones are known for their good looks and luxurious beards. Tyler the MerB’y is no exception! . Stay tuned for news on pre-ordering the 2018 MerB'ys Calendar! . . . . #MerBys2018 #nl #beards #bearded #yyt @gregnoel

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Blair, proud MerB'y and all around good human, is waiting for you in the pages of the 2018 MerB'ys calendar. Check out the tail on him! . . Pre-Order yours now! Order link in bio :) . . . #yyt #beards #beard #merbys2018 #mermen . Photo credit: @darrellsharpephoto

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