Bear Get Itself Trapped Inside Unlocked SUV

May 2, 2018

© Patrick Ager | Dreamstime

Florida is known for alligators making appearances in neighborhoods but not so much for bears locking themselves inside a SUV.  It's what happened to a Longwood family last Saturday night when Rikki Koberg-Perrero said she hear loud noises and banging outside her home.  Beyond shocked when she discovered a coming from her driveway were a couple of bears.  One somehow opened the door of their unlocked SUV and gotten itself trapped inside.  According to Rikki, the bear wasn't happy at all; thrashing around going from the front of the car to the back and pouncing on the back window many times. She tried to coax the bear out but ended up calling Seminole County deputies and officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to get the trapped bear out.  The SUV was badly damaged with seats, armrests and the dashboard heavily damaged. Rikki said it was a total loss.  Fortunately no one was injured.  FWC believes the adult bear is responsible for killing one dog and severely injuring another one in a nearby neighborhood recently and are working to trap the bear and her two cubs.


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