The Beach Vault Keeps Your Valuables Safe At The Beach

April 10, 2017

© Kemaltaner | Dreamstime

The warmer weather is on the way and our trips to the beach will be in full swing soon.  One of the more daunting tasks is how to keep your personal valuables from being stolen while enjoying the sand, surf and sun.  This year you may want to invest in The Beach Vault.  Its part bucket, corkscrew and vault.  You place your keys, phone, wallet, jewelry and anything you want kept safe inside The Beach Vault.  Close the top of it with the silicone-sealed top and rotate it into the sand to bury it.  Place the included towel and pillow over it and your valuables are not only kept away from prying eyes, it is also safe from the sun rays!  The Beach Vault sells for about $70.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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