Beach Vacations Are Bad For Your Mental Health

May 9, 2018

© Kemaltaner | Dreamstime

Blasphemy! Beach vacations are bad for your health? It can't be true but a tourism experts at Purdue University says that a beach vacation can do more harm for your mental health than good unless your  vacation has variety.  Here's why.  While the thought of spending an entire week doing nothing but laying on a lounger on the beach, hearing the roar of waves and squeaks of seagulls sounds refreshing, you mind will have nothing to stimulate it. After a while you get bored and anxious, then you start thinking about work and things at home you need to do. That’s not healthy for you. Instead pick places with enough variation of interest and activities that have depth for you to be engaged with. So have a day reserved for lounging but go snorkeling the next day.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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