Be Smart About Home Maintenance

May 11, 2018

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Being a homeowner can give you the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, but it can also lead to sleepless nights worrying about the pitfall of unexpected expenses in the upkeep. a recent study from NerdWallet found that the main anxiety shared among homeowners was financing (65%). The simple secret to maintaining a great-looking house without having it drain your bank account? Never falling behind in upkeep. So here are some pointers from smart homeowners than plan for the unexpected.  First maintain a maintenance fund. Things can and will break and it's never at a good time when you have the cash to address it.  So keep a small financial cushion for repairs when these things inevitably happen. Make a home maintenance calendar to keep track of important preventative tasks. For example, set up a reminder to drain your hot water heater once a year as recommended by the manufacturer so that it isn't quick to fail beyond its expected lifespan and it could save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs over its lifespan. Replace your central air filters monthly. Clogged air filters make HVAC systems work harder than necessary to pull in air, which raises energy costs and increases the risk of it failing before it's time. Take a walk around at your house least every three months and carefully inspecting windows, walls, floors, doors, vents, outlets and ceilings to catch any problem before it get worse.  Do the same around the outside of your house too.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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