Batman Busts Movie Theif Who Stole A Copy of The LEGO Batman Movie

June 22, 2017

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Batman is a big hero in comic books, on the movie screen and at a Walmart in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Damon Cole is a Ft. Worth Police Officer and when he is off duty and on weekends, he dons on superhero costumes of Spiderman, Ironman, and his favorite, Batman, to visit children in hospitals and for kid-friendly events.  Last Sunday, he was invited to the store's safety fair, where he became the Caped Crusader to the delight of visiting kids.  During the safety fair, a man reportedly took some DVD from the store without paying for it. The man grabbed the attention of Batman as the store greeter attempted to stop the man, who walked out without saying a word.  Once Batman found out, he raced to intercept the man.  Batman identified himself as an off-duty police officer to the man, who insisted he didn't take anything and refused to come back into the store.  Eventually the man admitted to stealing four DVD's.  Ironically, one of the stolen movies was The LEGO Batman Movie. Cole said it was the first time he busted a criminal whole in costume. After getting a written citation for attempting to steal less than $100 worth of merchandise, the man asked to take a selfie with Damon, who agreed as long as the suspect promised to not steal in the future.

SOURCE: Houston Cronicle

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