The Bathroom Scale That Doesn't Display Your Weight

December 19, 2017

© trekandshoot | Dreamstime

It sounds like a conflict but the smart scale, Sharpa, doesn't give your weight when you step on it!  The Shapa scale looks like most other scales but this is a smart scale and after you pair up to the app via Bluetooth it records your weight when standing on it but it will not display a number.  Rather the app displays your "Shapa Color." Blue and green mean you're losing weight, while gray means you need to step up your game. The app will remind you to check your weight twice a day and a cute calendar indicates how many times you've stepped on (and forgotten to step on) your scale in the past week.  The idea of not displaying an actual weight may be perfect for dieters who get discouraged and obsessed with a specific weight number.  And with this being a smart scale it also learns your habits by giving your daily missions to accomplish such as "Eat something green with every meal" or "Eat dinner with no distractions." You tell the app whether you complete each mission.  Over time, while monitoring your measurements, Sharpa learns which missions are working for you, and which missions aren't, as well as which ones you're completing. It then assigns you more of the missions that work, and fewer of the missions that don't. Shapa sells for $99 with a $7.95 monthly subscription [CLICK HERE].

SOURCE: Mashable

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